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Why go for HDU Signs?

HDU stands for High Density Urathane. They are the most preferred when it comes to creating LQ Signs because of the cost and versatility. That is, the signs can be designed into any shape, color and size, which is just the right kind of versatility you need in a sign. Additionally, they are environmentally friendly. They are ideal for both interior and exterior signs. Business people use them for monumental signs, letter signs and every other type of sign you may have in mind. When designing, the letters to be used are usually put into an aluminium mixture to promote longevity.

One reason why people like to choose these types of signs is the fact that they are waterproof. As you may well know, water can destroy weak signs. However, you do not have to worry about this when you select foam signs. They can withstand harsh weather, therefore, guaranteeing up to 10 years of service. Unlike wood, which tends to warp and crack after prolonged use, HDU remains contact and looks good as new for an extended period. View more on these signs today.

Additionally, they are light in weight. You probably wonder whether this is a good thing, and you are absolutely right to do so. This factor is essential when it comes to shipping. You are aware that heavy items always cost a foot and a leg to get shipped. Since foam signs are light, it will cost you very little cash to send or receive. Moreover, this characteristic ensures that when hanged, they can not easily fall down due to strong winds.

Some clients like their signs to have that rusty look, and wood usually gives such results. However, you have already seen that wood does not last that long. With HDU, you still get that vintage and modern look at the same time. They are quite attractive and inviting wherever used. If you are struggling with getting walk-in clients, carved signs might be what you need. They make your business stand out, which is essential when in a competitive field.

These signs are also great when you need a two-sided sign for your company. This way, you get to attract the attention of both incoming and outgoing clients for maximum sales. Selecting HDU signs is the best decision you can ever make. That is because they are great. After all, they help save the trees, which in turn saves the environment. If you were torn about this, the above reasons should convince you otherwise. You can also click on this post that has expounded more on the topic:

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